The Humorous Side of Shipping Container Ho!

01/02/2024 0 Comments

Ever thought of a shipping container as a potential game changer? Here at Linked Equipment, we see shipping container ho’s in a whole new, quirky light. We are your local knight in shining armour, fully licensed and delightfully affordable to boot! And we’ve got a treasure trove of amusing tales from our adventures in the industry for you to enjoy!

A Joke for the Road

Ever wondered why shipping containers rarely laugh at jokes? Because they have a problem with delivery! That’s right, no one likes a tough crowd, especially when it’s a bunch of stubborn containers. But don’t worry, we still love them.

Getting ‘Em Into Line

It’s all fun and games until a shipping container decides to go rogue. Believe us, coaxing a rebellious 4000 kilogram rectangle back into place is quite the spectacle! No wonder our work days are filled with uncontrollable laughter.

Remember when they say laughter’s the best medicine, spare a chuckle for the wonderful world of shipping containers. It will certainly put the ‘ho’ in hilarious! And if you need more laughs or practical help because your shipping container has run amuck, contact us, we’re always here to help.