Mastering Maintenance with DIY Tips for Furnace Repair

02/13/2024 0 Comments

The comfort of our homes is often taken for granted until we are faced with a malfunctioning furnace. If you are experiencing issues with your furnace and it’s serving up more chills than warmth, you are in the right place. This article will cover several DIY tips to help you deal with common furnace issues. However, for professional assistance, you can’t go further than Allied Aire, Inc – a trusted Furnace Repair and Furnace Service company serving the country.

Tip 1: Regular Maintenance

Prevention is always better than a cure, so let’s start by discussing regular maintenance. The most straightforward tip is to clean or replace the air filter as per the manufacturer’s suggestions. Regular inspection of vents and ducts is also crucial to ensure they are not blocked or leaky. This will prevent any unexpected breakdown and can be done without calling for professional help.

Tip 2: Troubleshooting Furnace Issues

If you’re facing issues like a non-working furnace, first thing to do is check the power supply and circuit breaker. An interrupted or fluctuating power supply or a tripped breaker can be the root cause of the problem. It’s a basic tip but surprisingly useful.

Tip 3: Checking the Thermostat

Another common reason for furnace malfunctioning is issues with the thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature regulation, so checking if the batteries are working and the set temperature is higher than room temperature can rectify the issue. If not, the thermostat might be in need of professional repair.

Tip 4: Furnace Pilot Light

When it comes to older furnaces that use a pilot light, verifying the pilot light is lit should be a top troubleshooting technique. If it isn’t, relighting it might be the solution. Refer to your furnace’s manual for steps on how to do this safely. If it doesn’t stay on, it’s something to have checked by a professional repair service.


While these DIY tips can alleviate some minor issues or alert you to potential problems, a professional’s touch might be required for more complex issues or regular maintenance checks. Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Allied Aire, Inc for experienced and reliable furnace repair and services. Always remember: a penny spent on prevention can save a dollar spent on a cure!