Debunking Myths about Cooling Services and AC Repairs

12/16/2023 0 Comments

In the sweltering heat of an Oviedo summer, few things feel better than the chill of a well-functioning air conditioner. But keeping that AC unit running smoothly requires regular servicing and sometimes, repairs. Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding these necessary measures that can lead up to unnecessary stress and additional expenses. At Ferran Services, we believe in empowering our customers with facts, not myths.

The Myth: Regular Servicing Isn’t Necessary

First on our list is the myth that regular servicing isn’t necessary for your air conditioner. With the fast-paced life in Orlando, Lake Mary, and Winter Park areas, it’s easy to put off regular service check-ups, especially if your AC seems to be working fine. The reality is every AC unit requires consistent maintenance to ensure longevity and efficiency. Regular cleaning and service can extend the life of your cooling system and catch problems early – before they become costly repairs.

The Myth: All Cooling Repairs are Expensive

Another prevalent myth is the belief that all cooling repairs are exorbitantly expensive. While it’s true that some repairs can be costly (especially if larger parts like the compressor need replacement), many cooling system services involve minor adjustments or replacements that can be relatively affordable. Always consult with a reputable AC repair company like Ferran Services in Volusia to get an accurate estimate of repairs.

The Myth: Air Conditioner Replacement over Repair

It’s often falsely propagated that replacing air conditioner is always more economical than repairing it. While this is true in certain cases, it’s not a universal rule! In cities like Windermere, professionals at Ferran Services will evaluate your system and advice accordingly. Sometimes all you need is an affordable fix or component replacement to get your system working optimally again.

With trusted air conditioner repair services across Oviedo, FL, Volusia, FL, Orlando, FL, Lake Mary, FL, Winter Park, FL & Windermere, FL, Ferran Services is committed to delivering service excellence. So next time you hear a myth about your cooling service, remember to seek advice from a professional to keep your system in great shape for longer!