A Day in the Life of a NOCO Employee: Conquering Energy Challenges in Upstate New York

03/09/2024 0 Comments

Like the sun’s early morning rays streaming through my window, my career at NOCO begins its vibrant day, casting a warm and illuminating glow on my professional life. Specializing in HVAC, Propane and Propane Storage, as well as Heating, Air Conditioning, Diesel and Energy Services, NOCO is indeed an exciting organization to work for.

A Day of Diverse Tasks

Being part of the NOCO team, my day typically starts with troubleshooting HVAC systems for our clients spread across Buffalo, Lockport, Tonawanda, Syracuse, Jamestown, and Akron, NY. Whether it’s the installation of a new system or taking care of regular maintenance, our dedicated team ensures that all HVAC concerns are addressed with utmost professionalism.

After ensuring the smooth operation of several HVAC units, its time to shift gears a bit and deal with propane and propane storage services. We, at NOCO, offer safe, reliable, and cost-effective propane services which does involve complex procedures but delivering the sense of security and satisfaction to our customers makes it all worth it.

Sailing Through Hectic Schedules

Moving on, no two days are same when you’re dealing with multiple domains. Today, I find myself working with our diesel and energy services division. I coordinate with various departments and customers to ensure that the diesel we deliver is of excellent quality and the delivery process itself is seamless.

Post lunch, I’m engaged in performing audits and ensuring compliance for our heating and cooling systems. Yes, it sounds tedious, but these checks and balances ensure that we at NOCO maintain our stellar reputation for providing efficient and competitive energy services.

Touching Lives Every Day

As the evening draws in, I wrap up my day by responding to customer inquiries, scheduling future service appointments, and making sure that each client relationship is handled with care and respect. Believe it or not, my work at NOCO impacts lives every day – from warming homes during the cold winters, or cooling them during hot summers, to powering and fueling industries and services across Upstate New York, every day has its unique reward.

A day in the life at NOCO is challenging, diverse, and fulfilling – a marvellous mixture that amplifies the professional journey, making each step an adventurous stride forward.